AG panel is a durable, weather-resistant, and cost-effective solution suitable for both agricultural and residential buildings. We offer AG panel in a variety of colors, with approximate samples shown below.

While AG panel can be put on houses, darker colors will often show some fading in 15 to 25 years and washers on fasteners will likely have failed in that same time period. Correct installation calls for roof deck to be 5/8" or greater and roof to wall areas may need siding removed to install wall flashing. While 1"x4" nailers can be installed over existing shingles it is best not to go over more than 1 layer. These requirements usually put cost higher than Impact Rated shingles, which should maintain their attractive appearance for the same time or longer, resulting lower per year cost. We install AG panel on barns and shed buildings and often customers choose white which shows fading the least.

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ag panel colors

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