• 50 yr limited warranty (transferable & pro-rated
  • 2 1/2" hail warranty
  • 120 mph wind warranty (tested up to 170 mph)
  • Class 4 impact rated (qualifies for insurance discount)
  • Class A fire rated


gerardSo, the annual June hail storm just came through and your asphalt shingles didn't seem to hold up well, they started turning black as the granules begin to wash off, you decide you need a new roof. Hopefully, you've heard about Stone-Coated Metal Roofing. Stone Coated Metal Roofing puts roofs in a whole new perspective. From a distance, it doesn't look that much different then your regular asphalt shingle but in reality it's totally different. These roofs have been tested up to 170 mph winds, warranted to 120 mph winds, and have a 2.5" hail warranty. Also, with it's limited lifetime warranty of  50 years, this will be the last roof your home will in need in your life. Yes, in comparison with your asphalt roof, the install of a metal roof is considerably higher, depending on the house of course. In some cases, the install is less then $2,000 more then an asphalt roof. But look at the big picture: Who wouldn't want a roof that's virtually maintenance free, and can last 50+ years versus going the "cheaper" route and installing the asphalt roof that you replace every 10-20 years? To us it still comes back to what is best for your money, most of the time the day you put your second asphalt roof on you have spent more on your roof in 10-20 years than you would have spent on one Gerard Roof!


It is a good idea to discuss roof options with your insurance company, some roofs are Class 4 Impact rated and Gerard is one of them! This qualifies you for a Class 4 Impact discount that most insurance companies offer! These discount can be $100 to more than $500 dollars per year. Using $200 per year as an average calculates to $2000 every 10 years so in less than the life of the roof the insurance savings can pay for the difference in price of a Gerard Roof vs Asphalt!

Our goal is to provide you with a durable roof that will last which is made possible by Gerard. Gerard is not the only metal shingle out there, but it has been proven to definitely be one of the better options in the world of Metal Roofing. Our roofs are 100% guaranteed, and we will stay on the job until you are satisfied. 

 For more about Gerard Metal Roofing and for a roofing comparison calculator, visit their website: www.gerardusa.com

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